Dr. Shapero's Notice of Privacy Practices


   1. In order to provide proper medical care, we will require our patients to return for periodic revisits on a regular basis. The interval between visits will be determined by Dr. Shapero based on the patient's condition, but will be no longer than 1 year.

   2. We will refill current medications, by phone, as long as they are still medically necessary and the patient has been seen within the last year.

   3. Patients on Immunotherapy must receive their shots according to their designated schedule. If a patient does not follow the schedule, for their safety we reserve the right to refuse to administer the injections and/or refuse to provide serum.

   4. Payment for service is due when service is rendered.

   5. This office is closed on Fridays. Please call about your medication refills and/or health issues on Thursday so that the staff can take care of all your needs before  the weekend. After hours there is a doctor on call for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Please call the office number to reach the answering service.